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Zion National Park 2008

The Great Smoky Mountains provide the back drop for this page.

Welcome to our photo journal.

Ron - I grew up exploring the waters surrounding South Florida and the back country of Flamingo, in Everglades National Park. Another favorite place was Fisheating Creek, north of Lake Okeechobee, Florida. As years past, my trademark became "BCB" or "BackCountryBound", so I thought it fitting to name our photo journal/site, "BackCountryBound". Even though I grew up in Miami, my heart and soul were and always have been the outdoors, away from the city. I have to give my Mom credit for this, as she was the same way. My grandfather was allowed to hunt with the Seminole indians, in the Everglades, in the early 1900's. My great-uncle was one of the "Barefoot Mailmen". Like the pony express of the west, they walked the beaches of the east coast of Florida delivering mail up and down the coast before Henry Flagler put the railroad in, going to Miami.           

I am not a professionally educated photographer, nor did I do it for a living.  It started as a hobby and as the digital age came into focus, I really became interested in photography.  I have learned photography thru books, lectures, computer web programs and most of all, practice.  I can not say enough about going out and actually taking pictures, applying different techniques and seeing the results.  Check your settings to see what you did, good or bad.  If it is bad, then you know that does not work for certain conditions. If good, then you will know the next time what you need to do, to capture a certain image.  Log your results and become familiar with your camera.

Lynda - I grew up on an island called, Key Biscayne, just off Miami, Florida. The island went from a quaint island atmosphere growing up,with a few homes, to a sprawling development and thousands of people. Somewhere along the way people who grew up on the "Key" affectionately became known as "Key Rats".  It stuck so much, that today there is even a Facebook page dedicated to "Key Rats".  I too have a love of the outdoors and wildlife.  Growing up surrounded by water, set the stage for a lifetime full of beaches, boating, fishing and diving.  Even though I did not pursue it, I always wanted to become a veterinarian.  I am not into photography like Ron is, but I appreciate the memories we have created thru photography.

In 2004, three children, three grandkids and many years in our respective professions, it was time to retire. 50+ hour work weeks were behind us.  As much as we enjoyed the water, the sun had taken its toll on us.  Miami and the South Florida area was not what it was growing up and we yearned for a slower pace and simpler life.  We settled about 30 minutes south of Ocala, Florida.  Perfect, half day drive we can see the family and in a day drive we can be in western North Carolina, one of our other favorite areas.

In 2007 we sold our second home, a log home up in western North Carolina.  Since a kid I had traveled to North Carolina and could not get past it......  So our second home now had wheels under it, in the form of a motor home.  For the next 5 years, we spent 6 months on the road at a time, along with numerous trips in between.  We both agree that this was the best time in our lives.  The people we met, the places we went were incredible.  Our modified Jeep in tow, we were able to take off to places the tourists would never see.

We feel very fortunate to have been able to do what we have in retirement. Few people will get to travel as we did, for extended periods of time. It was not a snap decision.  It took many years of planning.  Don't wait until you are ready to retire, to think about what you are going to do.  Start investing in your future with your first job or as soon as possible.

Life is like a book, filled with many chapters. Photography puts a picture to those chapters. The digital world and technology has allowed us to capture so much. When our minds get so cluttered with everything and we can't remember a specific place or time, a simple click can bring us back to that exact moment.

Many people have asked if they could purchase photos from our site. In the near future we will make available a few select photos for sale. 

My wife and I continue to add chapters to our book of life. I have finally ventured beyond Flamingo, but it will always hold a special place in my heart. To all our family, friends and new viewers to our site, we hope you will enjoy us sharing a few chapters, as we continue our journey thru life. 

Happy Trails, 

                            Ron & Lynda